Message from the president

Japan: A Country of Forests

I’ll never forget the feeling of awe and wonder that I experienced the first time I went to a Forest Adventure park in France with a close friend. While playing in the park, it was like we’d returned to our childhood—and both children and adults enjoyed themselves. It was then that I asked myself: Why don’t we have anything like this back home in Japan, where 70 percent of the country is covered by forests?

After returning to Japan and looking into things a bit further, I was shocked to discover the sad truth about Japan’s forests. Due to declining profits, the forestry industry has predominantly ceased operations, and the remaining unused trees are viewed as a nuisance, as they are a source of hay fever. At this point, I thought it was impossible to recreate in Japan the kind of natural park that I loved in France.

Looking back, it all seems simple now. But in the beginning, there was a lot of confusion and a great deal of trial and error. It was’t easy to get things started. To make people understand the sheer joy one can experience from the park, I needed to make Japan’s first Forest Adventure a reality. That became my goal.

Towards Creating a Fun Future

Thanks to a series of wonderful encounters, we were finally able to open a new branch at the foot of Mount Fuji. That was ten years ago, and now we have parks spreading throughout the country.

People who challenge themselves are incredible, especially children. With fear and trepidation in their eyes, they stare at the sky … eventually building up the courage to jump. In a split second, fear changes to joy and the joy comes out as laughter. Before you know it, the kids are running so fast, the parents can’t keep up. Even just going to watch others at the park is a lot of fun.

I am deeply grateful to my family, friends, and colleagues for their continued encouragement and confidence in me. Being within reach of the ocean and mountains, I strongly feel that my experiences with nature, and my relationships with people, have contributed to the growth of my mind and body. I hope to create many more activities and experiences by making the best use of information from friends around the world to create a brighter, more enjoyable future for all to share.

Representative Director and President Ichiro Kanamaru

Company Profile

Corporate Name Pacificnetwork,Inc.
Date of Foundation November, 2003
Representative Director and President Ichiro Kanamaru
Capital 5,000,000 jp-yen
Pacificnetwork, Inc. Head office 2-32, Hishinumakaigan, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, 253-0037, JAPAN
Kawaguchiko Office 999 Kodachi, Minamitsuru-gun fujikawaguchikomachi, Yamanashi 401-0302 JAPAN
Telephone +81-50-3608-5591
Faximile 020-4663-7809
E-mail Mail form
Business Area Variety of marketing planning and marketing consulting
Planning, Designing, building and operating High wire ropes courses (Forest Adventure)
Planning, Designing, building and operating facility associated with resort development
A real estate purchases, sales, mediates and rentals and management
Architecture and interior design
Advertising agency
Planning, Selling and importing variety of products

Key Performance

August, 2006 Opened Forest Adventure FUJI
July, 2007 Opened Tarzania
April, 2008 Opened Bouken no mori (formerly Forest Adventure YAMAZOE)
April, 2008 Opened Forest Adventure in Onna
April, 2009 Opened Forest Adventure OHIRA
July, 2009 Opened Sweet Grass Adventure (formerly Forest Adventure ASAMA)
August, 2009 Opened SARUTOBI
April, 2010 Opened Forest Adventure ODAWARA
July, 2010 Opened Forest Adventure YUZAWANAKAZATO
September, 2010 Opened Forest Adventure HAKONE
July, 2011 Opened Forest Adventure ASAGO
April, 2012 Introduce Forest Adventure MOBILE COURSE as first in Japan
June, 2012 Opened High wire ropes course in RESONARE Yatsugatake as customer’s activities
July, 2012 Opened Forest Adventure Base in Subaruland
July, 2012 Opened Forest Adventure ITOSHIMA
April, 2013 Opened Forest Adventure OSUMI
April, 2013 Opened Forest Adventure KOSUGE
January, 2014 Opened High wire ropes course in RESONARE Atami as customer’s activities
April, 2014 Opened Forest Adventure CHICHIBU
July, 2014 Opened Forest Adventure MATSUKAWA
July, 2014 Opened Forest Adventure TSUKUBA
April, 2015 Opened Forest Adventure MISATO
April, 2015 Opened Bouken no mori in Itoshiro
July, 2015 Start a Pump track business (the exclusive agency in Japan of Bikeperkitect)
April, 2016 Opened Forest Adventure TANBA SASAYAMA
June, 2016 Opened Forest Adventure OKUKANNABE
August, 2016 Opened Bouken no mori in UENO